Mickaël Martin

5th Dan Aïkido

Uchi-deshi of Tamura Shihan

Founder of Meïwakan

In 1989, at the age of 13, Mickaël Martin discovers Aïkido, in his native region, Brittany.

In 1991, he meets Toshiro Suga and above all Tamura Senseï 8th dan, who develops immensely his passion for Aïkido and martial arts.

As from 1996, he participates assiduously in all Tamura Senseï's seminars, in France and Europe. In 2002, on the proposal of Tamura Senseï himself, he joins the Shumeïkan, Aïkido National School, as inner student (uchi-deshi). His arrival at Aïkido National School (Bras), allows him to fully live his passion and to follow the teaching of Tamura Senseï everyday, as close as possible.

He thus shared his time with this exceptional Master, until he passed away in 2010, and lived for more than eight years precious moments of nearness, benefiting from a very enriching teaching.

In 2005, he flies for his first trip to Japan where he discovers Kuroda Senseï, Soke of Shinbukan Kuroda Ryugi. He becomes a member of his school. Later, he meets Kono Yoshinori Senseï. Those martial artists allow Mickaël Martin to mature his Aïkido practice.

Since then, Mickaël Martin goes to Japan every year to train with Japanese masters and deepen his personal research in martial arts. Since 2012, he even organises every year a trip to Japan (Aïkido Masters Tour), open to all people wanting to go to Japan to visit the country and practice Aïkido with different masters of Aïkido and Budo.

Mickaël Martin founded in 2011 the international association Meïwakan Aïkido in order to promote Aïkido as Tamura Senseï taught him when he was his uchi-deshi. This association is gathering practitioners and dojos from different countries in Europe and North Africa: Algeria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, France, Hungary, Morocco, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey.

Mickaël Martin teaches Aïkido in Bras, at Shumeïkan Dojo, and in Aix-en-Provence, at Meïwakan Dojo. In addition to these weekly classes, he organises seminars in France and abroad. He thus teaches Aïkido to hundreads of students, all over the year.

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