Mickaël Martin

5th Dan Aïkido

Uchi-deshi of Tamura Shihan

Founder of Meïwakan

2020 Nihon Budo Tour in May 2020!

This trip, organised by Mickaël Martin, allows you to discover all facets of Japan: amazing and modern in Tokyo, traditional and imperial in Kyoto. It is a mix of visits (historical districts, temples, parks, museums) and Aïkido practice that remains open to all, from beginners to advanced students. The trip is also open to accompanists who are not practicing Aïkido (visits will be organised for them during training sessions). Traditional accommodation in Kyoto in a four-star ryokan with onsen!

This trip allows you to discover some of the greatest Japanese masters of today Budo: Doshu, Tada Senseï, Tsuboï Senseï, Suganuma Senseï, Kono Yoshinori Senseï, Yorikane Senseï. It also allows you to visit the most beautiful touristic spots around Tokyo and Kyoto. Furthermore, you will be able to discover Shiatsu (Japanese massage) and Daïtoryu, the origin of Aïkido, with a very famous master in Japan.

It is possible to extend the trip for the people who want to stay longer than two weeks.

A detailed program will be sent to those interested in the trip.

Trip limited to 15 people.

You can already book your place!

Aïkido Masters Tour 2019 price: €3600.

This does include:

  • Transport from France.
  • Fees and royalties at airports.
  • Accommodation in Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • Rail-pass.
  • Visits included in the program.
  • Aïkido classes included in the program.

This does not niclude:

  • Meals.
  • Subway trips.
  • Cancellation insurance (€60 per person).

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