Mickaël Martin

5th Dan Aïkido

Uchi-deshi of Tamura Shihan

Founder of Meïwakan

Mickaël Martin, professional 5th dan uchi-deshi of Tamura Senseï 8th dan, teaches Aïkido in Provence, in Bras.


He also organises seminars on weekends and weekdays, in particular long seminars at Shumeïkan Dojo (Bras) in winter and in La Rochelle (France) and Vinaros (Spain) in summer.

He organises a trip to Japan (Nihon Budo Tour) in spring, in order to allow those who are passionate about Japan and martial arts to discover the most beautiful touristic spots of Japan, from Tokyo to Kyoto, as well as the greatest present Masters for Aïkido and Budo.

To contact him: mickael-martin@hotmail.fr or +33608871472.

You may find some more videos and events on Meïwakan webpages: Facebook and YouTube.

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